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Elementary School Links

visit our National Archives for fun documents like Thomas Edison's Patent Drawing for an Improvement in Electric Lamps, or the U.S. Treasury Warrant in the Amount of $7.2 Million, for the Purchase of Alaska

Studying women in history? Check out National Women's History Museum

Find free printables and worksheets at

find a wealth of information at

learn all about the history of Money at PBS

print maps and quizzes at and USA Facts & Quizzes

Does your school have an Academic Chess Club?

Print crosswords for basic math terms at Math Terms Crosswords

AAAmath is a site with a variety of math categories.

More free worksheets at

At you can create flashcards or gameboards to print out to use in your classroom

More free teacher stuff at

How about NEWS just for kids:

Wolfram allows you to create free visualizations of math and science concepts ..VERY COOL resource!

Check out Making Math More Fun! kit by Teresa Evans. Kit comes with board games, card games, ideas...handy things!

Great List of ideas and lesson plans sorted by topic.

In the Teacher's Lounge at you will find a broad range of links for lesson plans, parent and teacher resources, and more!

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