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Our Main Elementary Links Page

Do you have those days when you just need student incentives or extra student reward ideas? If you have internet access in your room, allow students to take turns exploring a site like www.gamequarium.com   and have students list neat facts they learn.

What about making Can You Pass this 3rd Grade Geography Test? a standard quiz for those who arrive early?

Our Main High School Links Page

We've collected a list of teacher resources, like Free Cliff Notes as well as links to National Archives where you can find intriguing documents to enhance your lesson plans or student handouts.

Find resources students can use such as statistics, world facts, census information, online dictionaries, and contests . . . and more!

Webquests for Students

     most are organized by grade level and/or topic -- and created by teachers
                  from Webquest.org
                  from Teachersfirst.com

Contests for Students

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